Many women come to us looking for all-women tours, each of them for a different reason altogether. Husband not able to give time to travel is an important reason. One of the most common one is that when you are travelling without family, it is better to travel with an all-women group, that way the family at least keeps content about their safety. However, there are others who need a fresh start to their life, who want to break free, who desire to escape from the daily job of being ‘Miss Perfect’, some want to rediscover their inner strength, confidence and enjoy freedom, some willing to cope up with the situation after becoming single suddenly. Some women are attracted by the sheer fun-times women have, the bonding, the endless gossiping and sharing of secrets. Some say that they enjoy travelling carefree and that essentially meant that there would be no men to nag around. And last but not the least, some show up for no specific reason at all, after having stumbled across our brochure or having heard of WTN from another woman. To put it short and simple, women absolutely need no other reason to be travelling together, but for the sheer joy of celebrating Womanhood.

Women have traditionally been the caregivers, invariably placing the needs of everyone else in their lives ahead of their own. When it comes to taking care of themselves, they are time-deprived. We at WTN believe that it is important that women take the time to nurture themselves and what else could be a better way than to take time out to travel and explore the beautiful world! This rejuvenation is needed to spice up your life.


WTN is different from other tour operators in that it is not a travel agency. Rather it is a social network of all women travellers. Women meet here and become friends for life.

Stress-free, enjoyable and memorable holidays are what we offer. Women who feel the urge to rejuvenate their mind, body and soul turn to us. We, in turn, help to recharge their batteries to look at life with invigorated zeal. We provide:

  • Safe, fun-filled tours

  • Professionally planned itinerary

  • Carefully chosen locations

  • Best food

  • Well researched into accommodations and transport

  • Tour especially designed for women

  • Less expensive tour compared to what it would cost if self designed


There is a well chalked out itinerary doing full justice to one’s plans with poise between leisure and travel. Resting and roaming are properly synchronized in our network so that one does not feel suffocated by repeated site seeing. There is the provision for single person to share the cost of a room with another single person provided both are interested. An experienced professional is provided as a group leader for proper guidance. We make the most reasonable arrangements for hotels and dining in nice places along with a list of women specific activities and attractive sites where women will truly cherish.


1. While many tour companies insist that 25-30 is a small size, we limit the number of travellers in a group to 18

2. Itineraries are designed to provide rest time and ensure that travellers get to see all sites properly and not just drive past them.

3. Experienced tour leader accompanies all tour groups providing expert advice, assistance and personal attention 24*7

4. Licensed local English/Hindi-speaking tour guides are used on tourist destinations so you get the proper history and knowledge of the area.

5. For those who prefer budget tours, we have a host of budget tour packages as well

6. For those who can manage only a couple of days out of the busy schedule, we have a host of short trips.

7. Our schedules are flexible and can accommodate a little extra time to venture off a bit.

8. We customize each and every tour to suit the specific group members.

9. We provide the best (and not necessarily the most expensive) accommodation

10. Our prices are the lowest ‘All-women tour’ prices.

11. With us you make new friends and get to know fellow women travellers of all ages from different walks of life.

12. We provide stress-free tour experience in the company of like-minded women from all walks of life.

13. By opting for room sharing and room-mate matching with us you can travel at a discounted rate and at the same time make a new friend on your tour.

14. By planning a little bit and taking initiative you can avail of one or more of the discount schemes provided by us and further reduce your travel cost.

15. We allow you to club up to two discount schemes at a time

16. With us, you only pack your bag and enjoy the trip. We do all the planning, designing and arranging for you.

17. We just don’t take you to places, we also ensure that you have a feel of the local customs and cultures and come back enriched.

18. With us, you are not alone! You will be traveling solo nonetheless, but in the company of women with similar interests.

19. It is a relaxed atmosphere with no couples or men around.

20. Enjoy specially chosen activities of women’s interest.

21. Tipping is included on escorted and guided package prices. No need to pay extra.

22. We ensure you have ample free time to enjoy shopping, the ultimate favourite pastime for all ladies.

23. If it’s a problem to leave your children alone then it is feasible to take them. We allow children but there is a limit for male children who should not be above 8 years.

24. There is a good mix between planned activities and personal free time.

25. There is always someone for company during personal free time.