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  • Flight fares / train fares.

  • Local transport.

  • Airport / railway station transfers from designated points wherever applicable.

  • The surprise Welcome Kit!

  • Tour manager fees.

  • Fees for local guides, naturalists or historians.

  • Accommodations.

  • Meals, ideally breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Tea, coffee and mineral water.

  • Tickets / entry fees to tourist attractions unless specifically excluded.


We have five discount schemes and you can take advantage of one or more in a single package price subject to a maximum total discount of 8% on the package price of a single trip.

  • Early bird discount scheme – Brings you a discount up to 5% of the package price if booked 45 days in advance.

  • Bring friend(s) discount scheme – For the first friend you bring, you earn a discount of 3%, and for every new one, you get an additional 2% discount subject to a maximum discount of 8%.

  • Group discount scheme – If you come in a group of 7 or more, each member gets a discount of 2%.

  • Frequent Traveller discount scheme – If you have already travelled with us for one time, for every new trip with us you get a discount of 2%.

  • Birth month discount scheme – A special discount of 5% if you travel with us on your birth month.

For all the discount schemes noted above except the Early Bird Discount, the discount will be available if the booking for self or friends or group is made at least 20 days in advance.


We have a variety of tours on offer every month.

Call us at: +91-84201-08693 Mon - Fri: 9am-7pm, IST or email us at:womentravelnetwork@gmail.com for upcoming tour details.