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About WTN
Women Travel NetworkWith WTN you have the option of getting the best possible accommodation that would not harm your budget and the discretion of staying alone in rooms or sharing with someone.
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What makes us different
WTN is different from other tour operators in that it is not a travel agency. Rather it is a social network of all women travellers.
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Our Packages & Schemes
We have five discount schemes and you can take advantage of one or more in a single package price subject to a maximum total discount of 8% on the package price of a single trip.
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Testimonials of Satisfaction
That I am a woman preferring to travel solo has definitely raised eyebrows many a times.
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Get in Touch
We at WTN believe that it is important that women take the time to nurture themselves and what else could be a better way than to take time out to travel and explore the beautiful world!
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Welcome to Women Travel Network!

Imagine setting out on a dream trip in the company of like-minded women! And all the fun, excitement, laughter and endless gossip that follows! That’s the beginning of new friendships.

And if that’s what you have always wanted to experience, Women Travel Network (WTN) is just right for you! WTN is for women who wish to travel with their mothers, sisters, girl friends or solo in the company of other women from all walks of life.

A woman has innumerable roles to play in the society and an added pressure of being perfect in all these roles. Her life is punctuated by compromises at every step. Kayaking through seas, relishing exquisite delicacies of various countries, experiencing deep water snorkeling or just seeing the world can be any woman’s dream waiting to be fulfilled. But societal structure most often curbs the freedom in her life by giving her certain restrictions. Women fail to move out of home for either reasons of personal safety or because of the busy schedule of friends and family who might not be willing to take a vacation. Thus stranded at home, a woman’s desire to undertake a dream vacation often gets shattered.

She might have lost her identity while fitting herself in several positions. Her heart yearns for a number of things, most importantly getting a space to think which is impossible in daily grind. It is time to regain the identity as a woman in addition to being a mother and a wife. The WTN has thus hit upon this grand idea to evaluate the hunger in women for adventure. It provides the spaces for every woman tourist to take part in thrilling vacations with a cluster of like-minded women tourists gathered to celebrate their fondness of travelling. Travelling with a passionate collection of women might naturally enhance your thought process. It is said that travelling acts as a tutor imparting knowledge on the various cultures and races which are to be seen by stepping out of our daily chores. In this connection, it is also apt to quote Mark Twain. He had remarked “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

An independent mind is what we are all blessed with, but the only thing which is not at our disposal are right opportunities. Even if there are opportunities trying to step out of home alone might be one of the many issues that ponder in the mind. Being aware of the present scenarios one prefers to dismiss the thought of it even. Understanding all the hassles of solitary travelling this network has tried to reveal a reasonable solution. WTN has come into existence to fulfill the desires of all such women who are inclined to travel but are stifled by many known or unknown reasons. WTN makes dreams come true for many women.

WTN arranges tours exclusively for women who can either travel singly or with their children, friend, colleague or relatives. WTN takes all the responsibilities of booking and lodging which lessens a considerable burden from the mind because many a times these formalities dampen the spirits of travelling. There are instances when the vacation you finally get after a long time seems to be nothing much but a considerable wastage of time as you could not do anything as you had wished. So now is the time to break out of the shell to search for more. If you are young it is the ripe age to brace yourself with adventurous holidays and daring experiences.

We provide the common roof so that a fruitful exchange of ideas takes place with an enticing bondage between each fellow traveller. Though stranger at first but by the end of the journey one wishes not to part with a friend that she has acquired.

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Women Travel Network
Travel tips for women

Travel tips for women:

Always try to make lesser and lighter luggage. Mix and match your apparel so that you can create more looks by lesser variety of clothes.
Do full research while travelling for education about the places you are about to travel. Affix a name tag inside your luggage; this should help in case the outside tag falls off.
Try to fit in your stuffs in a medium sized luggage. For larger luggage, you may have to pay extra charges if overweight.
Pack a small duffel bag in your luggage. This can be easily accommodated in the luggage and is handy for short trips.
Use a backpack instead of a regular suitcase. It leaves your hands free. Generally it is allowed to be carried with you as a cabin baggage, unless of course it is too heavy or quite big. And most importantly, you do not have to put it down on wet and dirty floors like those inside the toilets.
Taking a picture of your luggage is helpful in case it gets lost.
You should choose more populated areas for hotels. Make sure the hotel has secure locks.
You should avoid night time for visiting places in case you are travelling alone.
Don’t get friendly with strangers if anyone tries to be over friendly avoid that person.
Keep your belongings carefully.

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Why women should travel alone at least once in life?

Why women should travel alone at least once in life?

By Sanghamitra, 25 June 2013

Have you ever been haunted by a nightmare of being stranded in a paradisiacal island all alone? While many women dare not think about travelling the world alone because of fears like this and all gruesome possibilities that follow, a well-planned, properly researched into journey may bring a whole lot of boons to you. You are sure to ‘re-discover’ yourself on a solo trip. And when I say this, I essentially mean a ‘solo’ trip and not a solitary one. You may be in the company of other amazing women from all walks of life on a women travel group.
Not travelling because you are not getting a companion is a bad excuse.
What is interesting to you may not necessarily be interesting to your family and friends.
You don’t have to compromise your love for others’ expectations.
When travelling alone you have the liberty to be stupid for a change instead of setting newer standards of perfection every time as you do.
You can be carefree and stop bothering about what people are thinking.
The boost in self-confidence that you get stays with you for a long time even after you are back.

Women Travel Network

Memoirs of a backpacker

Srinjoyee Aloka

 The indomitable urge to see with bare eyes, touch with own hands and explore the little known and less written about world has compelled me time and again to pack my backpack and set off for the unseen, unknown and unexplored world. I am not an explorer, nor a wanderer or conqueror; I am but a petty little traveller with a small pocket and a decent backpack.
That I am a woman preferring to travel solo has definitely raised eyebrows many a times. I have had some strange encounters with people from all around the world. I have seen the indifference of Indians abroad and the wholehearted welcome of total strangers in foreign lands. I have made friends across the globe and lived like a local in faraway countries. Most of my trips enriched me and I invariable came back happier, wiser and wealthier with experiences each time.

Women Travel Network
Women Travel Network
Explore. Dream. Discover.
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Lessons that kids learn from travelling

Lessons that kids learn from travelling

It is amazing to see how fast kids learn when they are travelling. Here’s a list of things that kids can learn from travelling:
To respect all the cultures of the world and to keep the mind open to the cultural diversity of the world.
To increase their knowledge and understanding about the world and their environment.
To know that the world is full of diversity and people’s living conditions differ much from one’s own.
To increase their self-confidence and self-respect
To be adaptable to changes in situations of life.
Not to be lazy.
To be rough and tough overcome challenges that come your way while travelling.
To be patient and strong.
To learn to observe and experiment and form their own opinions.
To use their endless energy in knowing more about the world, the past, present and future.
To learn to be a global citizen and recognize their place in the world instead of knowing that their country is the best country in the world.

Women Travel Network
Women Travel Network